August 15th - 29th 2015, Peru ...

This trip back to Cynthia's roots was a birthday / xmas present in 2014. The trip was planned already for March, but because of Thomas getting seriously sick, we had to cancel 1 (!) day before departure ... but luckily, we could rebook this trip now in August!

It was quite an adventurous travel to Lima. We arrived at Frankfurt Airport on Saturday morning, 05:50, to see the check-in empty, two hours before departure. Finally someone came and told us at check-in, that the pilot got sick and that they are waiting for a replacement who was flying in at 08:40 to get us to Madrid. Departure would be at approx. 09:40. That would have meant, that we arrive just before 12:00 in Madrid, leaving us only 1 hour before the flight to Lima departs at 13:00, of course in another terminal.

We actually left Frankfurt at 10:05 and touched down in Madrid at 12:15 (!). After taxiing for 10 minutes we docked at the gate at 12:25. There - good service from Iberia - we were awaited by a guy directly at the gate finger, led downstairs to a bus and driven directly to the non-Schengen terminal. He brought us to a lift, we found passport control (luckily empty), looked for our gate number and then started running. After 15 minutes running - and sweating - we arrived at our gate at 12:45 and were the last passengers to board ... just lucky!