June 11th, 2006, first time in Germany / Europe...

Saturday morning, 07:00, we started for Switzerland ... the car full with 5, luggage up to the roof. After only 5 1/2 hours (max. speed only 240km/h due to the winter tires, sorry) and crossing the "Julier Pass" in the Alps (2.260m), we arrived in Champfér, close to St. Moritz, at 1.800m.

The weather was great, the snow well prepared (sadly hardly any natural snow) and we had great fun. Unfortunately Cynthia fell on day two and hurt her right knee. She had to stop skiing, but luckily a visit in the clinic showed no broken bones!

Natasha & Cynthia on day one of skiing, well equipped ...
Receiving clear instructions ;-) ... something that Cynthia doesn't accept from Thomas ;-)
To make you a little bit jealous ... that was the view and the weather during that week!
... here her instructor Hans-Peter (two names due to the length of the guy) with Cynthia, Claudia and Carola.
Having a drink in the bar after skiing ... oh what a wonderful feeling to get rid of the ski-shoes ...
Claudia and Natasha ... both turned out to be natural talents.
Wonderful food and wine in the hotel and nearly every evening in the bar!