February 3rd, 2008, Skiing in Switzerland again

So we started again skiing, this time with Thomas' mum, so we needed two cars. When we tried to take the very first photo, the camera broke down, so luckily we had Natasha's and Claudia's mobile phone camera...

Once again we were very lucky with the weather; it snowed on Monday night, so from Tuesday on we had perfect snow, blue sky and sunshine the whole week!
Here a look from Piz Nair, more than 3000m high down to the valley of St. Moritz ...
... in the evenings we had a drink in the bar ...
... to be ready for skiing next morning!
Here a photo with Cynthia's ski-instructor Hans-Peter, who did a great job ... means, Cynthia can ski now!
Having a break at lunch time in a restaurant on the piste and relaxing a little bit.
Here a downhill slope with speed measurement ... Thomas could just beat Claudia and Natasha (all > 60 km/h)!
On Saturday, we had a break from skiing and Natasha and Cynthia went ice-skating ... also something Cynthia hadn't done for years ... and it was a lot of fun for them.
This is a photo of the last dinner together, after which we drove home on Sunday.