May 26th - June 8th, 2007: In Melbourne again ...

Although not for a positive reason we've been together in Melbourne again ... Jared's treatment with interferon started a week after another operation.

Natasha & Thomas arrived on Saturday, 5AM, and the first doctor's appointment was at 8AM ... then we had to wait and wait until Monday afternoon until we finally got the news, that no additional operation was necessary and the treatment could continue. Tuesday we invited Lucy (see photo) and her son Joseph for dinner ... Thomas tortured all again with his swabian pasta (Käsespätzle) ... but everyone was very polite ;-)
Except hospital, shopping and being at home there is not a lot to report from week one, so on Sunday Thomas suggested to get out of the house: we took the car to Mount Dandenong where we had a beautiful view over Melbourne (city, sea, etc.)
We walked around a bit, sat on the giant's chair ... and drove through beautiful countryside ... it would have been nice to have the viagra replacement, the SL, with us!
One evening we met our friend Jenny with her kids in the restaurant "Daiseys", close by. We had a lovely evening together ... ... this is also the restaurant with the "don't leave children in cars" sign (see latest news).
On Sunday Natasha flew to Brisbane to catch up with her aunt Sandra and her granny ... although the weather in Queensland wasn't that good, she enjoyed the time there ... the photo was at the farewell at Melbourne Airport.
Sunday night Cynthia and Thomas had a wonderful dinner for two in the restaurant Tender Trap again ... although not having been there since December we were greeted like good old customers ... again a lovely selection of wine from the Yarra valley and a superb barramundi as a main course!
Photo shows us with Chris ... always rely on his wine recommendations!
Our last night we spent at home; we had a cheese platter, just the two of us, and watched a movie.

Friday Thomas left Melbourne, met with Natasha in Singapore and on Saturday morning we both arrived in Frankfurt again. So another two weeks of waiting again until Cynthia is home ...

Jared starts his treatment the following week again and let's all wish him the best!