November 11th, 2006, we meet in Hong Kong for a week, then three weeks in Germany

... sharing the flight time (8 hours from Melbourne, 12 hours from Frankfurt) ... and then meeting in the city, where everything began!
Saturday night, having dinner in the Cheung Kee (prawns in chilli sauce on sizzling plate) in Wanchai ...
... followed by a bottle of grape juice in the Delaneys, an Irish pub in Wanchai!
Sunday, going to Discovery Bay, where we both lived, here on the plaza ... still the same after 10 years ...
... and at the house 40 Coastline Villa.
Sunday night, 12. November, our 8-month anniversary ... celebrated with a wonderful dinner at the Isola restaurant (IFC mall).
Cynthia complaining to Tris, Manningham City Council, as the wife of Manuel Grissini "about-a di dogs of-a di neibors having barbequeues all-a di time ..."
The two of us at the new Star Ferry Pier, just relocated when we arrived in Hong Kong.
View of Hong Kong Island ... still fascinating!
Going to Aberdeen, hiring a sampan just for us, sailing over to Lamma Island (45 minutes trip), having lunch there.
Our last dinner at the "Red Pepper" restaurant ... spicy down the throat ;-)
Saturday, 18th of November, flying home to Frankfurt together ... not having to say good-bye ... and sharing another three weeks of living and working! And at last ... a photo of our first training session together!
Shopping in Stuttgart on November 25th (castle in the background)
On the christmas market in Regensburg, Bavaria, drinking Glühwein ...
... and our final dinner in Weinheim, restaurant "la cave", on December 8th.

Once again saying good-bye at Frankfurt Airport ... 'til the 20th of December!